Raw Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Hello raw food enthusiast!

One of my favorite health and nutrition experts, Len Foley, co-creator of The Best Day Ever with David Wolfe, has made an awesome video about how to make a superfood smoothie.

Click Here to watch Len Foley make the Superfood Smoothie recipe



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  1. Patti Walden
    6 years ago

    I loved your smoothie video and I can’t wait to try it. I have a lot of food allergies & Candida and have tried to stay away from wheat & sugar. I also do not make very much money. I would like to find out what I could start with that doesn’t cost much, that deals with the Candida and helps me overcome my allergies to nightshade plants, bananas, walnuts, wheat, corn and so on. I saw one natural type doctor and she recommended warm veggie soups for the dampness & some other things. Right now I am broke and sick and really believe I can get my health back once I know how to really change my diet and cravings. I am 57 and look young for my age but on the inside I don’t feel so young, on top of that I am ADD. I will keep on reading and researching so thank you for all you’ve done.